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Wuthering heights

            Comparison between Emily Bronte's Wuthering heights- the novel and the .
             >film of the novel directed by Peter Kosminsky. .
             > .
             > The film portrays the same era and setting as Emily Bronte's novel : .
             >Yorkshire in the mid 1800s. The main elements chosen by the director were .
             >the intensity of the relationship between Catherine and Heathcliff, .
             >Heathcliffs revenge against Edgar and Isabella Linton and the contrast .
             >between the Heights and the Grange (both people and physical surrounds). .
             >Keeping the focus on these key elements of the novel translate well into .
             >film ,but detract from the overall power of the novel . Many elements in .
             >the novel are left out and appear to have lesser concern to the overall .
             >picture. .
             > .
             > The main actors are Juliette Binoche as Catherine Earnshaw /Linton and .
             >Ralph Fiennes as Heathcliff whose physical appearance keeps faith with Emily .
             >Bronte's description of the characters in the novel . Heathcliff was .
             >ruggedly handsome, with cruel features, dark skin and black hair. Catherine .
             >, likewise, was captivatingly beautiful and somewhat remote. These two .
             >characters contrast strongly to the actors who played Linton and Isabella .
             >(Simon Shephard, Sophie Ward) who were pale and soft in comparison , with .
             >light hair and soft features. Thus there has been some attempt to portray .
             >the wildness and passion which binds catherine and Heathcliff. .
             > .
             > The opening scene of the film lingers on the vast moors of Yorkshire. .
             >There is a view of the plains looking into the distance. There are dark .
             >clouds. The music is dark and ominous and gives the viewer an over all .
             >feeling of depression and resignation. This is assisted by the choice of .
             >Kosminsky's actual portrayal of the H eights - a dark, forbidding gothic .
             >building which maintains the spirit of the novel. We are immediately placed .
             >in this setting unlike the opening chapters of the book, where this is .
             >developed over time.

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