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Lights Camera Violence

             "Packed with nonstop action and adventure!" We hear this quote all the time when previewing movie trailers. It seems all they show on these trailers are the violent scenes, for example, the blowing up of police cars, the gunfights, and sometimes even worse than that. Why does this interest us? I believe it is because happiness and tranquility does not grasp the attention of the audiences anymore. An example of this is how well Bad Boys 2 did in reviews as opposed to From Justin to Kelly. It is a known fact that violence appeals more to viewers more than anything else. Look at video games today; they even have ratings on them because of the gore and violence. As a result, people tend to resort to violence faster in a crisis situation rather than by peaceful alternatives; viewers prefer watching a violent film rather than a romance etc. because it gets their adrenaline rushing; and viewers want to see Hollywood's opinion on who they will victimize next.
             Why were Justin and Kelly's reviews so bad? The Washington post states "it's because no one wants to see the same material about a guy meeting a girl, they want to see action!" Sadly the media glorifies violence. Worldwide, viewers rely on death and destruction as a source of entertainment; even love stories end in some way of violence or misery, like Romeo and Juliet, the greatest love story of all time. People respond more to .
             violence. Since the Roman Empire, human nature has been to enjoy violent scenes of other people's sufferings, like when they throw someone into the lion's den and use that as entertainment. There are aggressive trends in human nature that can either be strengthened or disciplined, but society today chooses to strengthen them. It is an extremely negative and dangerous message. It enforces these aggressive tendencies which tell people it is acceptable to be violent. .
             Violence puts an approval on these acts especially when it serves dominant prejudices against minorities or other human beings, for instance violence against women.

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