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A Senior Recital Featuring Jennifer Mulhern

            A Senior Recital featuring Jennifer Mulhern.
             I attended an instrumental performance the other night of a violoncello .
             accompanied by the piano. The instrumental performance I attended was an ensemble .
             performed by Jennifer Mulhern on violoncello and Faith DeBow playing the piano. This .
             performance can be described as joyful and beautiful. The ensemble played Sonata in D .
             major for Violoncello and Piano, Op. 102, No. 2 by Ludwig van Beethoven, Suite in C .
             major for Solo Violoncello, BMV 10 by Johann Sebastian Bach, and Sonata in D Minor .
             for Violoncello and Piano (1915) by Claude Debussy. The notes of each performer .
             seemed to lean on each other and were rhythmically in sync. I also thought the .
             performers did a good job with the texture of the pieces as everyone knows Beethoven .
             and Bach are not the easiest pieces to play. There were three aspects of this instrumental .
             that really helped to make it an enjoyable experience and these aspects were: the .
             performers, the diversity, and the mood.
             First, I"d like to talk about the performers. Jennifer Mulhern (violoncello) looked .
             very prestigious in her black gown. She came into the room with a very serious look on .
             her face that let everyone know she was ready to woo them. I remember Ms. Mulhern .
             being in the front and Ms. Debow (piano) being in the back. Ms. Debow looked beautiful .
             in her formal attire as well. In fact, if I didn't have to be at work right after the .
             performance, I probably would have asked her for her number. Another very enhancing .
             part of the performance was the lighting. The lights were dimmed, but not completely off .
             and there were spotlights on the performers. Mulhern's skill at the cello were absolutely .
             amazing. I know how tough an string instrument is to play because I play the guitar and .
             Mulhern had no problem switching between chords and playing with enough intensity for .
             everyone in the room to hear. I could tell Ms. Debow put a lot of feeling into her playing .

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