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Question Of Love

             23 1978 in the little town of Beaufort, Carolina, when the wind smells of pine and the flowers bloom, Matthew remembers his senior year at Regan High and Jennifer, the girl who changed his life.
             "Welcome back students, how was everyone's summer?" Mrs. Wilson asked us. Sitting in the back row was me Matthew Shepard, walking in late was Jennifer S there was only one chair left which was next to me I didn"t really consider my self as being the popular rich boy but everyone did. As Jennifer walked toward the back of the room with a big smile on her face, a girl tripped her and all her books drop to the floor, everyone started to laugh. .
             Jennifer wasn"t much of a people person she was always by her self in the library, or in meetings for clubs, she was in to all that clubs and stuffs and after school she either was at St. Franks Hospital for kids or at gas station that her dad had own it was down town. One day Jennifer walked past me and my friends ,John, my best friend, said to her "hey princess salvation army didn"t you take your freshmen picture with that shirt" and started to laugh, I didn"t think that was funny at all but I jus went along with everyone started to .
             Laugh, she had a huge smirk on her face and walked away, after school I went up to Jennifer and apologized for what John said to her, "No. It's okay especially coming from someone who wore the same shirt twice in one week" she replied then she took off. That night me and couple of my friends were going to a party and on our way back this couple of school boys started to bang us from the back so I told them I wanted to race to prove that I drove faster and better at the wheel, so we began to race.

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