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Meaning of love

             It is truly difficult to write about love. For thousands of years, the best human minds have tried to express their ideas about love but failed to come up with the best definition. For a lot of people, love is a noun that mostly represents a static state. However, Romeo and Juliet's love is symbolizes a verb. For them it is a dynamic process whereby they engage their feelings, are creative, and enjoy an emotional give and take. They want to belong to each other forever. Unfortunately, their fate decides differently. For Romeo and Juliet love means a strong connection between them as well as sacrificing their lives because they cannot be in this world separated from each other.
             What is love? No one has a precise definition that describes this wonderful and incredible feeling. We only know that it cannot be understood logically. Romeo and Juliet's love is a deep passion that takes over their lives. As their love grows their emotions fuse to become one overpowering and dominating force that ultimately dooms them. For them love is not blind, they know who they are and it does not stop them from being together: "If love is blind, love cannot find its way" says one of characters in the play. Love is the one that makes them express their thoughts and feelings in the best way: "Is that a light shining through the window there? It is like the east, with Juliet the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious mo. Because you are far lovelier than she is, though only her servant." These words come from Romeo and we can say that the owner of them really adores and cherishes the loved one.
             Have you ever considered sacrificing your life in the name of love? It would be really hard to do. If we lose someone special, we usually become depressed, and remain in this state for a while. Love makes Romeo and Juliet stronger and gives them power to protect their remarkable relationship from their parents. Together they make a decision that death is better than separation.

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