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The Meaning of Love

            A very popular question that many people think of and wonder is, what is the meaning of love or what is Love? Love to some people is buying things to make a person happy. Love can also be confused with how you treat or act around someone. But those ways of looking at love in my mind are not complete. Love can be shown to people, animals, or even objects. Love to me is putting someone else's happiness first no matter what because of your unconditional care for them and not expecting anything in return. .
             There are many false perceptions of love; for example there are people who think that objects are a good way to show someone that you care for them. But this confused a lot because people will try to make someone happy just for themselves. This may sound confusing but it actually is not. By stating this I mean that they just want the personal satisfaction of making another person happy. I have learned that you cannot earn love from buying things for people it just does not work that way. When you buy an object for someone they at first seem to be all adoring of the gift and say they love you for it but in reality they are just satisfied that they got their object. When you love for someone you should not have to buy something to make them happy you should just be able to make them happy with something that has no price. I can relate to this perception of love because I have experienced it before. It was when I was young I always used to pressure my mom into buying me something at the store when we would go and I would bring out the "you would get it if you loved me" act and I now have realized that since I grew up that it was wrong. But even since then I have noticed when I go shopping with my mom I pay attention to what she looks at but doesn't buy because she doesn't want to spend the money so I can go back to that place and get it to make her "happy" that she has it. I have done this once specifically when we went to the mall and she was looking at a set of candles that she really liked but she didn't end up getting them.

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