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Is Australia the Lucky Country?

             Some people may think that Australia with it's numerous bush-fires, barren deserts and drought prone country isn't lucky at all, but no country can be perfect. Besides, compared to all the good points about Australia the negative points seem meager. Below are just a few points of why I think Australia is one of luckiest countries on Earth.
             Firstly, I should blab about Australia and its laws, and about human rights and women's rights and stuff right? But we should all know about this already, we all know that we are all very fortunate to have all the necessary resources, not available to some countries, to live contentedly every-day and so on. So if you don't mind I"ll go on with the finer details.
             It probably all started when the first colonies were established, although not very much back then, Australia was still a great place for a working man. Australia was still a young country therefore spawning countless jobs for the average working man. People from all over the world would come to Australia hoping to make a few dollars. Work was abundant and everyone was happy.
             But don't let the above point con you into thinking that Australians are a bunch of greedy, money loving workaholics. Because of the work schedule design ( 8 hours work, 8 hours rest and 8 hours sleep every day and whole days off on the weekends) Australians are always cheery and relaxed and would enjoy nothing more than a nice barbeque with the family each weekend or lazing about watching a game of cricket with a stubbie in hand.
             Another point which I should make quite clear is big backyards, "so what?" I hear you say. Australia is also blessed with a hefty amount of land, with all this space every Australian can live comfortable in a spacious environment. We are very lucky that we are not plagued with overpopulated land and streets swarming with people and a whole mess of other things, which can be found in many countries such as America and Japan, just to name a few.

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