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Roger & Me

             This film is billed as a comedy however the life stressors of unemployment are not funny in the true comedic sense at all unless laughter is used instead of crying as a sort of defense mechanism. If any thing Roger & Me is such an extremely dark comedy, you need a microscope to find the humor. This story shows Michael Moore a Flint Michigan native who is looking for Roger Smith the CEO of General Motors after GM closes 11 plants in Flint and lays off more then 33,000 workers.
             This story shows the affects that the closing of the Eleven plants has on Flint Michigan's economy as well as the effects on the laid off workers. One such a layoff of this magnitude in a community has a very detrimental affect on every aspect of life in the community as well as the individual. It is as if every thing needs a big antidepressant. I suppose in the film Pat Boone and Anita Bryant were suppose to be the big pill to pull them out of the black hole. That is depressing even thinking about in its own right. In fact, they really looked incredibly ridiculous. But what do Pat and Anita care, they were being paid, unlike the rest of the city. Businesses that were not directly affiliated with GM closed because people could not afford to shop or buy any extras in fact they were having a hard time just keeping a roof over there heads and I mean this literally. .
             In a career development perspective, this would be job security in the biggest sense. Talk about displaced workers. Thirty -three thousand displaced workers to counsel and assist in developing new careers. Now that is a chore. .
             Theorists would definitely agree that employment in this magnitude would definitely affect a person's self-worth and fear of the unknown would definitely be running rampant. The affects on the family as a whole is so detrimental. In Flint, domestic violence was at an all time high and other crime as well. The stress scales were over the top for most people in the film.

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