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Roger And Me

             In 1989, Michael Moore released a documentary that he made called Roger & Me. Michael Moore grew up in Flint, Michigan. He was an editor for his own newspaper that was named Michigan Voice. Michael worked as an editor for ten years when he decided to take a job in California. The new job out west did not work well. When Michael returned home to Flint, he received some bad news. Roger Smith, General Motors, and Flint, Michigan were at troubled times. This is Michael Moore's story. .
             General Motors was born in Flint, Michigan. At one time, this company employed most of the residents there. General Motors was the largest corporation in the world. The people of Flint loved General Motors. They threw the company birthday parties and parades. Michael Moore's family was a major contributor to their workforce. With the exception of himself, his entire family worked for the company at on time or another. .
             Flint, Michigan and General Motors were responsible for an important piece of American history; they spawned the United Auto Workers union. In 1936, just hours before the new year, thousands of General Motor employees in Flint, Michigan barricaded themselves inside the factories. The workers took over; they refused to budge unless there demands were met. Forty-four days later, on February 11, 1937, General Motors gave up. This was the birth of the UAB.
             Many years after this sit down strike, the workers in Flint were in trouble again. Roger Smith, the chairman of General Motors announced the closing of eleven factories. Roger's plan was to close these eleven plants in Michigan and reopen them in Mexico. In Mexico, General Motors would only have to pays the workers seventy cents an hour. The money that General Motors generated from this would be invested into more advanced technology. An estimated thirty thousand Flint employees were to lose their jobs. There were more autoworkers in the city of Flint then in any other city in the world.

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