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Searching For Dragons

             The world in Searching For Dragons, is entirely different from the world we know. Especially in the Enchanted Forest, where even the air and trees are magic. King Mendanbar is the only one who can feel and use this magic immediately. The forest, and it's sword, chose him. Having magic at a flick of your wrist would normally be quite the privilege. But it is not quite so much for the King of the Enchanted Forest. The King not only has to deal with the pressures of a normal kingdom, but also those of a magical kingdom.
             It seems like no matter how hard Mendanbar try's to relax something will prevent it from happening. On this specific day, a major thing prevents that relaxation Mendanbar so desperately needs. Mendanbar went to the Green Glass Pond, but he discovered that a large section of the forest near the pond was destroyed. It was burnt and striped of it's magic. Mendanbar found various dragon scales scattered around the "wasteland". A squirrel than advised him to see Morwen, a very intelligent witch, who happened to be rather close with the King of the Dragons. Morwen figured out that the scales all belonged to the same dragon. Yet they were put there for a purpose. A dragon does not shed it's scales that fast. She sent Mendanbar to Kazul, the King of the Dragons.
             When Mendanbar returned home he found Zemenar, the Head of the Society of Wizards, waiting for him. Zemenar claimed he wanted to seek permission to use the entrance to the Caves of Fire and Night. The dragons had cut them off from the Mountains of Mourning entrance. Mendanbar said he would consider it, but he also had dealings with the dragons. It was then that Mendanbar left for Kazul's cave.
             Kazul was not there when Mendanbar arrived. Although her princess, or Chief Cook and Librarian, was. Her name was Cimorene. They both informed each other of most reason important news. Cimorene said that the scales belonged to the dragon Woraug, who had been turned into a toad a year earlier.

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