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Self Concept

            In reflecting how I have learned the values, morals and concepts that I believe has help in showing me the insight in who I am and why I have chosen the best theory to pursue for myself and this paper. I find that my beliefs and my theory is why I have chosen to work in the mental health profession. In myself there is a awareness of all the perceptions I experience in the course of living, none are has profound than the perceptions I hold regarding my own personal existence of who I am and how I fit into the world. So it is my theory that self-concept is a learned behavior and how we perceived experiences could shape who we are and what we believe. .
             Carl Rogers said, "that as far as we know, no one is born with a self-concept. It gradually emerges in the early months of life and is shaped and reshaped through repeated perceived experiences, particularly with significant others". It is my theory that self-concept is learned which does not come from instinct, but is a social product developed through experiences. Anyone's previous experiences and present perceptions, show individuals how they perceive themselves in ways different from the ways others see them. I believe an individual person will perceive different aspects of themselves at different times with varying degrees of clarity. Therefore, as a counselor that focusing on the inner self is a valuable tool. When someone has an inconsistent with the self-concept of themselves and sees it as a threat, and the more of these experiences there are, the more rigidly self-concept is organized to maintain and protect itself. When a person is unable to get rid of theses inconsistencies the way they see them it will cause emotional problems to pop up. Faulty thinking patterns thinking can create negative feelings of how someone sees himself or herself. .
             Most researchers agree that self-concept has a generally stable quality that is characterized by orderliness and harmony, which shows that is organized.

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