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Libertarian Party

            In our country, we have a two-party system. However, there are a few other parties that are popular among voters. The five most popular political parties are Democratic, Republican, Green, Reform and Libertarian. Each party falls somewhere on the political spectrum. The Democratic Party is considered to be more liberal than Republican Party and the Republican Party is considered to be more conservative than the Democratic Party. The Green and Reform Parties are considered to be more conservative while the Libertarian is considered to be more liberal.
             There are eight key issues the Libertarian Party focuses their platform on: education, foreign policy, gun laws, immigration, social security, taxes, drugs and crime. Libertarians want to eliminate the United States Department of Education and grant tax credits so that parents will have the financial ability to choose among schools. They would also like to provide financial incentives for businesses to help fund schools and for individuals to support students other than their own children. In terms of foreign policy, Libertarians would like to improve the economy by enabling businesses to invest abroad. They also believe in free trade politics. Libertarians encourage gun ownership as well as education and training programs. They would heavily enforce severe punishments for those who commit crimes with guns. Libertarians say, "a responsible, well-armed and trained citizenry is the best protector against domestic crime and foreign invasion." Libertarians support free and open immigration. They feel that immigrants actually produce jobs. According to Libertarians, there should be an option of social security taken out of one's pay check or investing money into a personal retirement account. Libertarians would like to privatize and cut taxes along with eliminate welfare. They would also like to legalize drugs and make them less expensive. They intend to wipe out the black market and eliminate corruption in the judicial system.

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