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Spy Kids 2

            Spy Kids 2, The Island of lost Dreams was released On August 7, 2002. The film was written and directed by Robert Rodriguez, and starred actors such as Antonio Banderas, Cheech Marin, Steve Buscemi, and Bill Paxton. Throughout the film, many different film genres prevail. Spy Kids 2, an artistic success, incorporates conventions from film genres including comedy, horror, and western.
             In this film, many comedic situations arise. Incongruity is a comedy convention that can be seen in the movie. For example, Carmen, a ten-year-old girl, shows her mom how to get information off the computer through hacking. Immediately, in a stern voice, her mother tells her that there is to be no hacking in their house. A few seconds later, her mother asks to show her how she did that. This is an example of incongruity because the situation is not in agreement. First, the mother corrects her daughter and tells her that she is not allowed to hack. Then, the mother realizes that it would be to her benefit to see the information, so she has her daughter show her how she obtained the information. Another comedy convention is absurdity. An example of this can be seen through one of the James Bond like gadgets the spy children have. The gadget goes on the wrist and appears to be a watch, but with internet access, satellite television, and a cell phone. Unfortunately, there is so much in the watch that there was no room left to include the time. This is an example of absurdity because the basic function of a watch is to tell them. It is strange that a watch would have so much technology in it, but lacks a clock. The convention of slapstick is another that can be seen within the film. This happens when two spies, Gary and Gurdi, get lost in the desert and accidentally fall into a large hole filled with camel feces. This is an example of slapstick because it is physical action that is painless to the victims, and the result of the fall is a humorous event.

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