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Sports And Drugs

             It is an ethical question whether or not athletes should take drugs to enhance their performance in sports today. While athletes who take drugs to enhance their performance find them to be beneficial, the drugs they are taking can actually be very dangerous to their health.
             The use and addiction of drugs can happen to anyone. Whether they are rich, poor, black or white it happens. It happens to athletes. Even people who are in great physical and mental shape are not safe from drug addiction (Peck 14-15).
             Society today is greatly influenced by drugs. Not only can drugs benefit the society but also they can be abused causing serious effects (Taylor 5). Drugs have an impact on society starting with crime and ending in death.
             There are various types of drugs that are used today to enhance the performance of an athlete. Along with these drugs are the effects that they have on the body and ways to prevent the use of drugs. "There's a saying that to be a great athlete today you need a great coach, a great chemist, and a great lawyer," states Dr. Donald Catlin (Dudley 89).
             Although every athlete needs a great coach they should not need a great chemist and lawyer. But the sad part is that they do. The reason for a great chemist and lawyer is that the chemist will detect any drugs the athlete may be .
             using and the lawyer will have to get them out of serious trouble after being busted for the use of an illegal substance.
             There are two main illegal drugs that are used among athletes. The first one is steroids, which is a group of organic compounds including hormones, alkaloids, and vitamins. The second is cocaine, which is an anesthetic and stimulant. Both of these drugs are used at recreational levels to boost the performance of the athlete (Freeman 1). "I would say that nearly every top athlete is on something," says Michael Mooney (Dudley 110). Although it is disturbing that athletes use drugs for performance they will continue to use them and eventually society will accept the fact of drug use in sports as they are in medicine (Kuhn 71).

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