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Students Rights

             The section or sections of the book that I chose to right my report and give my oral report on where the students" rights. I listened to all the other presentations and truly felt that each student covered their material but failed to give a perspective on the student's rights in every situation. All of my classmates looked at the teacher's perspective rather than see it from a student's eye. .
             I can imagine that it is easier to find information on every disability in our book from the teacher's vantage point rather than the students. Each chapter discusses the symptoms and the professional ways to deal with them, but makes no mention of what these students feel should be done. I actually had a chance to chat with several students and teachers about their thoughts on what technologies or services are used the most and which ones are needed the most. I found out from Mrs. Palmquist that there is a definite shortage in funding for these departments.
             Mrs. Palmquist is a special education teacher here at Huron Middle School. She has two students and one aid under her supervision. Along with these three people she has a colleague who specializes in Adaptive Physical Education, who helps out during her students normal P.E hour. Mrs. Palmquist, while choosing her words very wisely because I was recording her, stated that she buys what she can with her budget for what students she has. She merely smiled and shook her head at some of the more risky questions, such as, what do you need technology wise to make life easier for these students. She must have thought that I was an investigative reporter trying to find the scoop on how far off the middle school is from being up to code. I asked the same questions to her as I did her Adaptive Physical Education partner Mr. Adams. He was very willing to speak of any and all things that concerned him and what he liked about the school district.

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