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Textual Analysis

            The years seem to go by so much faster then they ever did, you"re young, but graying in your facial hair. You have been debating on whether to shave it off or not, because you seem to be having trouble finding that special someone. .
             You go to a bar one night and you see this pretty lady across the way, she doesn't see you, so you think of making a surprise move on her; see how her nights going, maybe more. You comb your fingers through your hair to make sure you have that manly look, brush your beard with your hands and hope for the best. .
             As you approach the woman she turns and you smile saying "Hey there," she frowns at you, as though she's disgusted you even made the move, she's not impressed with your gray beard, she walks off to be with a much more youthful looking man.
             You think your chances of finding love may possibly be over, and then you see a commercial for Just For Men, rejuvenating gel, for gray facial hair. You take the plunge, by the product, I mean who wouldn't after seeing it help the guy in the commercial get his woman.
             The commercial starts with two sports commentators, they announce some things, talk with one another, then proceed to discuss the gray bearded man as he is about to make a move on a woman in a bar, they take it play by play just like a game, when the man is shunned, they comment that it was his graying hair, "Whoa, try Just for Men next time." The next scene shows the man back and with drastically younger looking facial hair, it's BROWN! The man approaches the same woman and she grabs a hold of him and pulls him in for a smooch. .
             The commentators praise the hair color for his success, the man gets his woman, every graying man out there is told that they too can have what this man has, younger looking facial hair and a beautiful woman. That's the end of the commercial, restating the product, also introducing a hair coloring product made by the same company, and even demonstrating the facial hair coloring gel for the men who are interested in it after seeing the success story in the commercial.

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