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Author Positioning

            All throughout the modern world, an individual will.
             encounter texts- texts of many different genres, of.
             many different topics and of many different purposes.
             These texts are astoundingly important in establishing.
             who exactly the reader is in society, for they are the.
             community's way of communication. A writer can.
             consciously use this powerful resource to influence.
             readers if they have fair control of their medium, and.
             is able to position a reader to accept or challenge.
             particular discourses presented. It is, then, obvious.
             that a reader must try to understand the way an author.
             has presented arguments and discourses, and the effect.
             of present or missing voices, to position a reader.
             about a topic. Three texts centred on the topic of.
             tertiary education will be analysed according to.
             criteria of genre, register, textual features and.
             discourses to determine the way the writer is position.
             the reader in regard to these criteria.
             The first text to be analysed is an extract (p12-13).
             from the novel Wilt by Tom Sharpe. This literary text.
             servers primarily to entertain, but as with all texts,.
             also tries to give insight into the discourses.
             present. The extract centres on the Promotions.
             committee's views on the proposed promotion of Henry.
             Wilt, a lecturer in Liberal Studies at a tertiary.
             education institution known as "The Tech-. The reader.
             is seeking an entertaining view on the subject, with.
             the author seeking to give it to them while acting as.
             social commentator. Sharpe writes with a whimsical,.
             intelligent and satirical tone to enable him to.
             connect with the reader more easily. Also aiding the.
             cause of the connection with the reader is the almost.
             excessive use of conversation and the exaggerated and.
             eccentric characters. The author also uses dramatic.
             contradictions, such as the first statement by the.
             head of English, Mr Morris's "He may lack drive but he.
             is committed- and the ongoing debate over Wilt's.
             flaws, to draw attention to the comical and.

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