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The 45th Annual Grammy's

             On Sunday February 27, over 55 million viewers sat in front of their television to witness the largest night in music. Spirits were high, especially with the people from New York, for the awards had returned to Madison Square Gardens from a five-year leave. The stars walked the red carpet and reviewed each other's wardrobe, sat in their padded theater chairs and readied for a night of enjoyment, suspense, and defeat.
             The Grammy awards are very notorious for pairing different performers together, mostly from two different styles of music, and sometimes very controversial. This year there wasn't much controversy in the paired up groups. Coldplay, a British modern rock band collaborated with the New York Philharmonic for an exquisite performance. On the other hand, an "All Star Performance," featuring Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band, paired with .
             Elvis Costello for a breathtaking performance, that is, it was so bad that it knocked the wind out of me.
             The newcomer, Norah Jones not only railroaded the awards, but .
             surprised the 55 million viewers, along with a stadium full of people winning five Grammy's for herself and three more for her album. She set the stage for a new .
             breed of performers that sell their music, instead of their bodies. This is definitely the kind of artist needed in a time of vulgar sex-driven entertainment.
             One performance that I was looking forward to watching was John Mayer's. I am an extreme John Mayer fan and enjoy watching him perform live. After winning the Best Male Vocal award for "Your Body is a Wonderland," he performed. James Taylor enjoyed the performance enough to come shake John's.
             hand after the performance. I have watched interviews, and read articles by John Mayer, and repeatedly he says that he doesn't wan to be a "one hit wonder." By listening to his album, you know right from the start that he has much better songs than "Your Body is A Wonderland.

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