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The Gender-Factor In The Accounting Profession

            There is often an assumption that women are drawn to people-oriented jobs and thus excel in positions that create and maintain emotional connections. For the past forty years, women have begun to enter occupations formerly open to and designed only for men. In the accounting profession, a domain historically available only to men, women have increased their presence. In 1970, women comprised a mere 24.6% of those employed in the accounting arena. By 1990, that number had increased to 52.7% .
             (Lanier 1999).
             To fully understand the impact that gender has on the accounting profession you must understand how the introduction of women in the accounting field has effected the profession. First you must analyze the way gender effects how one enters into the profession (educational training) and how their experiences in college effects where they are placed within the profession. Secondly, once one enters the accounting field, you must look at how they are treated and understand the implications that gender has on how one will be treated on the job. Thirdly, after evaluating the role that gender plays in the accounting profession, you must examine how working in a male-dominated occupational arena effects ones" job satisfaction.
             How Gender Effects the College Experience for Accounting Students.
             Before one enters the accounting profession, they must first endure their pre-professional training at a university. This educational training can greatly influence ones experiences one they enter into the work force. Accounting firms and employers recruit for their future employees directly from the schools. Depending on what particular university you attend can greatly affect and determine what type of job you will receive in the profession and how much you will earn in wages. Therefore success in college is very pertinent to becoming successful in the accounting profession (Nelson 2002).
             The criticism of this educational training is that it contains a masculine-framed curriculum.

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