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Describe and comment on Emily Bronte's portrayal of Heathcli

            The interesting and intricate character of Heathcliff in the 1847 novel "Wuthering Heights" is portrayed in different and complicated ways by the different narrators. Also the emotions he goes through and the way he reacts from different incidents through out his life gives us an insight on his character. Emily Bronte adapts the persona of the different narrators so she could build up a layered character which to a lot of thinking to get to the real Heathcliff.
             When the narrator first describes the area he sys how beautiful it is and then says, "Heathcliff the solitary neighbour." This gives a contrast between something nice and a something unpleasant. It gives us a comparative and something to relate to. This makes Heathcliff sound worst and unforgivable for being on his own when the countryside is so exquisite and appealing to go out. It could mean that he despises people and does not have enough love to share may and maybe he can not express his feelings to people making people not trust him and they can not get close to him. "A perfect misanthropists heaven." It is like he punishing everyone in his life and surroundings because of his hard life and his broken heart that Catherine damaged. To me it seems he is treating other people like he was treated bring to the reader's attention to the way Hindley bullied him and taunted him when they were kids. I would think he is sulking and feeling sorry for him self. From when Hindley bullied him for no reason just being the favourite and for his hard life on the streets of Liverpool. I think that this description you should have in your mind throughout the novel.
             In the first chapter the very first description of Heathcliff is portrayed before anything really happens. This is a physical detailed description, but also gives us a stereotype of his personality; "His black eyes withdraw so suspiciously under their brows." The way Heathcliff is described shows him as a dark horse where he is kept away from society so nobody knows much about him.

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