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The Downfall Of Othello

             ?I kissed thee ere I killed thee?no way but this, killing myself to die upon a kiss? (5. It would seem that it would take an entire army to cause the man who speaks of this love to betray his wife. Shakespeare, however, was able to do it with one character. What is Othello's motivation in ruining Othello's life? Iago is a complex character who can't be analyzed in simple terms. Like many people, Iago can be mysterious and baffling. Shakespeare was obviously fascinated by the man.He gave Iago more lines than any other character in his work, including Hamlet, King Lear, or Othello? (Contour). Although Iago is a sinister villain in the play, he seems to have no history of dirty deeds. In fact, almost every character in the play calls him honest (Douthat). In Shakespeare's Othello he shows us that people should realize and understand their flaws and improve upon them. .
             Roderigo is without a doubt the most gullible character in Othello. Throughout the play he is constantly being manipulated by Iago. The main reason that Roderigo is influenced so easily is the fact that he is in love with Desdemona (Contour). All Iago has to do is tell Roderigo that Desdemona is having an affair with Cassio and that if he kills Cassio it will make Desdemona love him (Wolff). Another problem that Roderigo has is that he actually thinks that his problems can be solved with money. He believes that he can simply buy Desdemona's favor with jewels (Douthat). Roderigo's great love and desire cause him to act without thinking which allows Iago to control him as easily as a puppet.
             Brabantio, Desdemona's father, was terrified that only daughter had been kidnapped and seduced with drugs by Othello. But when he learns that Desdemona's love for the Moor is true, he becomes bitter and resentful (White). Brabantio only wants the best for Desdemona and focuses heavily on social status when thinking of a husband for her.

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