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Supporting The Bereaved

            Four Essential Steps to Copying with Grief.
             Nurses are often called on to help friends or relatives cope with grief or a situation in which a loved one was lost. We have to note that quite many nurses are unprepared to deal with those types of situations. The article lays out a four step method according to which helping a grieving person would be most productive. The first step has to do with allowing the bereaved come full face with the fact; spouses death, loss of something/someone important, etc. The second step focuses more on involving the whole family of the bereaved into the readjusting process and puts more emphasis on making the person understand the grief. The third step explained in the article discusses the need for readjustment. Basic daily tasks and establishment of a new social life are pinpointed. The fourth and final phase concentrates mostly on helping the grieving person understand that creating new relationships is a natural progression. .
             Four Essential Steps to Copying with Grief.
             The article discussed in the following paragraphs is essentially a must-read for everyone in the medical profession. Helping others deal with their problems and understanding other people's feelings and situations is fundamentally what the former field is all about. Situations involving grief and loss of a loved one are common. There is a compelling need to understand and learn how to handle delicate situations like the one described above at the nursing level of physical care.
             The former article has a strong psychological value due to the nature of the nursing profession. In many cases a need arises to comfort a client at the immediate contact level before a specialist has a chance to work with him/her. The main benefit of the article is depicted as providing the nurse with basic psychological skills needed to handle a fragile situation in which someone's grief might handicap the basic procedures that the nurse has to perform on the client.

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