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September 11

             September 11, 2001 was a very traumatic day for all of America, this was not only a day of losing .
             over 3,000 innocent people but a day that America was shocked by terrorists who struck one of the biggest .
             land marks of our nation. America is a very strong nation, we thought we could handle anything but this .
             was the lowest attempt to destroy our nation. This day was a tragedy that I do not think people will get .
             over anytime quickly.
             The article that I chose to write about is an article talking about how September 12, 2002 people .
             woke up with a sigh of relief for people to wake up too. This day was the first anniversary of the terrorist .
             attacks done to our nation. But this day was different for people who lost loved ones. As shock fades into .
             anguished recognition and social support slowly withdraws, the bereaved may find that the hardest days of .
             their lives still lie ahead. Mental health professionals who happen to specialize in the bereavement process .
             have long maintained that the second year following a traumatic loss happens to be the hardest yet. Most .
             people who have experienced a sudden traumatic loss enter a state of shock that retards the grieving process .
             for those people for weeks and even months. For September 11 to be such a national topic of conversation .
             to all, it just slows down the grieving process for those who lost loved ones because they are always being .
             reminded about what happened that day therefore it is hard for them to go one with their everyday normal .
             life. The second year also brings greatly diminished social support. People are being told to "snap out of .
             it" as they are trying to come to grips with what has just happened. Widows and widowers are urged to .
             move on and begin resume dating before they can even bring themselves to remove their spouse's .
             belongings from the night stand or the closets. "Grief over a traumatic death does not follow an accepted .

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