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September 11

             Have you ever had anything happen to you that changed the way you viewed life? Well I did. It was a perfect morning on September 11, 2001 until, the twin state building were bombed. The whole entire sky was filled with smoke and people were running everywhere. This event changed my life and everyone else's.
             September 11 was a sad and tragic day. But despite all of it, it changed things. A positive thing happened out of that day, it brought our nation closer together. Before all of it had happened no one had an American flag up in sight, nor did they even say that they were so happy to live in a grand place like this. On the next day after the event everywhere you look you saw a flag at people house on cars you even had people selling them on the streets. People say how happy they are to live in America now. Besides bringing our nation closer it also brought family's closer especially mine.
             After this event it made me change the way I treated my family. I would always be yelling at my parents and saying how wished they weren't my parents. I also keep telling my sisters and brothers that I wish that they would die. But now I regret it all, especially since one of those wishes almost came true when my sister almost died on one of those days. It made me realize that you shouldn't say things like that because you might wake up one day and find out that someone in your family that you loved died. Ever since that day our family has been growing to be more closer and is getting along better everyday Besides fearing for people in my family's life I also feared for mine.
             On the morning of September 11 when I heard about it I was very scared, I was thinking how could someone do such a thing. I feared that they might be coming over to where I am to bomb more places and that I might die. Secondly I feared that I would get a phone call saying that one of my family members have died and they could find their body or something like that.

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