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September 11

            Early Tuesday morning I heard my mother's screams. Jumping up abruptly from bed thinking that something had gone seriously wrong, I ran to the living room where my mom stood in shock. Quickly turning my head I saw the first impact of Flight 11 into Tower 1 of the World Trade Centers. This is not real I thought. How could we let something like this happen? Every sound drained from my ears and all I could hear were of the engines from Flight 11 roaring into Tower 1. The first word that filtered through my mom's mouth was "terrorism". She knew at that moment that it was no accident. One of the darkest days in history had unfolded before my very eyes seeing terrorism, the opportunity of unity, and how I view my life after the attacks. .
             Terrorism is the newest acts of evil that we must all deal with. It is heartbreaking to see children of a third world country whose government has taught them to hate one of the most powerful and united countries in the world. When the news confirmed the attacks in New York were terrorists acts I was filled with fear and anger. It is amazing to see the lengths people will go to execute such detailed plans. I thought that terrorism could not strike at home, but it has happened before and could possibly happen again. All I could do was soak up everything and try to listen to the opinions of others and to see their reactions. Is it a spirit, a way of looking at life, a way of living that cannot be destroyed? Can Terrorism be destroyed? Will the evil live on even if we kill those responsible for this attack? Can we fight against the people who don't value life? .
             The chance of unity was visible to every American after the attacks had taken place. It seemed that whatever race you are whether you are, African American, White, Hispanic, Muslim, or Asian, we are all the same when dealing with human life. If there is anything that brings the sense of unity out of this nation of individuals, it's crisis.

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