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Benito Mussolini Comes Alive Again

            Benito Mussolini's life started in a small house with his average family with three children and an opinionated wife. They moved in to a much larger estate when he started his office in the government; his wife does not think it will last and does not like the new changes. Benito starts to take over Rome and anybody who goes against his rule is at least beaten; he is to become the Totalitarian leader of Italy. He would not let his daughter marry a Jewish man; he shaves his head to give him a more controlling and forceful look. At this time Mussolini is more powerful then Hitler and Hitler admires Mussolini. The difference is that the Italians are not fighters and Germans in this case definitely are. Mussolini tries to be strong in the Army area, but army does not have the same determination or skill. Mussolini thinks women like being controlled and forced upon; he raped a reporter that came to speak to him in his office. His oldest daughter sees him cheating on her mother one night in the city. His daughter is engaged to Galiotso and Benito is happy because he was good friends with his father. Aida and Galiotso move to China. At home Benito's two sons want to join the air force, but they want to achieve it themselves, not with the help of their father and they both made it into the air force. Back at home their mother still does not like the publicity in her life and the life her family is leading; she just wanted a normal family life. Aida's husband cheats on her also and when they attend a play Galiotso sees one of his mistresses. Bruno and Victorio find the girls of their dreams and marry them soon after. Hitler comes to meet Mussolini on June 14, 1934 in Venice; at first they do not like each other because Mussolini made Hitler walk to him and Hitler looked astonished. Germany and Italy both want Israel and the Rome air force bombs them. While at a training ground a young lady, Clarissa, stops to meet Mussolini; she had written him letters when she was little and slept with his picture under her pillow.

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