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The Mountain Stream

             As I was leisurely strolling along the hallway, deep in thought, I glanced at a picture on the wall. All of a sudden this beautiful picture of the mountain stream caught my utmost attention. It portrays an image that is enlightening for families that like to have picnics during the summer. The mountain stream appears to be clean and clear. Its surroundings are very clean and well kept, free of debris around areas. It's the ideal place for parents to take children their children on a picnic. The stream's cleanliness puts parents at ease when they take their children there. The image of the mountain stream should be nominated for the "Image of the Year" award because it portrays the American way of life for parents that like to take their children on picnics and camping trips, where animals are free to roam and live, and where nature capture's one's imagination. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) is the agency that should make sure that the streams are safe for everyone, especially children.
             Parents like to find nice clean streams for their children to swim and have fun. Children like to splash around in the water and wrestle in the shallow water with their siblings. Children also play volleyball and other types of water games in shallow streams. Children are also likely to swallow water and, the water in the stream may get in their ears. There are some streams that have broken bottles, dead animals, and other kinds of rubbish. Waste also comes from households, dairy farms, and other sources that can contaminate the water. Therefore, it is not safe for people to swim in all streams. Streams" surroundings should be kept free of trash that is thrown near it by people that do not care about the welfare and safety of others.
             Animals are a natural part of outdoors. In most cases, wherever there is water, you will find animals. Streams" are also a place where animals often nest and look for food.

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