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The Patriot

            The movie "The patriot" is not a highly valid portrayal of the revolutionary war, although some parts in the movie are quite accurate. The dates of the conflicts in the movie are not all accurate, for example the fall of Charlestown was incorrect. The movie did portray the way that the war was fought. .
             The dates of the major events in the movie were not all correct. The date that the fall of Charlestown was .
             The locations that were used in the movie were the places that the actual wars were fought. The locations that the creators used looked very much alike the battlefields of the war. The makers of the movie would have had to spend a lot of time researching the war to decide on what the revolutionary war would have looked like.
             The dresses and uniforms that the actors in "The Patriot" wore were not alike what the people in the revolutionary war would have been wearing. The way that they creators of the movie portrayed the political events was quite correct in that only the rich people got to make decisions for the town/village. .
             The way that the war tactics were portrayed in the movie was in great relation to the way the war was fought. The revolutionary war was fought in a very illogical way; both sides stood in lines and took turns in firing. The main reason for this was that the rifles that they were using took an average of 6 seconds to reload. The weapons that were used were mostly muzzleloaders that were very slow to reload and were not very accurate, but because of the line formation the soldiers didn't really require accuracy.

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