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Marketers And The Growing Populaton

            Marketers and the Growing Population.
             In our world today we the teenagers of generation Y have become a target for the marketing business. We are the children of the Boomers and are growing up with vast opportunity (Gashgarian, 538). Now why must we be manipulated by marketers to fit into their stereotypical generation.
             Marketers think they know everything about us kids, from what we like to do on our pare time to what types of clothing we wear to how we act as growing teens of our generation. Marketers are in constant contact with generation Y to learn our new street terms. They feel if they can talk like us then they will boost their ads among teens (Street). Other marketers prefer to use a term called grassroots to grab viewers, which is composed of more realistic products. The main goal of a marketer is to manipulate us and by doing so they are reaching into the wallets, hearts, and minds of children for profit (Neuborne).
             My generation Y which is composed of roughly 60 million strong has changed the marketing business. With our annual incomes totaling 211 billion dollars, the marketers main goal is to get that money in any way that they can. Out of the $211 billion we have, our spending soar up to 172 billion dollars and our savings are only at a small 39 billion (Onpoint). Marketers are very judgmental in saying that we all only concentrate on fashion, entertainment, and toys. They also judge us by saying that we only respond to irony, humor, and truth. Marketers believe that the internet is the only way to catch the eyes of children under the age of 18 years old. They also think that through e-mails to the younger generation they can achieve success. .
             Marketers think that they have an eye and an ear on our generation, but they don't (Goshgarian 539-40).
             Marketers try everything they can do in order to attract us teens. Ad men from major companies like universal studios, Coca-Cola, and Mc Donalds try to use "street terms" talking to teens about everything from fashion to finance.

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