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Grading President Woodrow Wilson

             Woodrow Wilson was one of the smartest presidents in American History. When Wilson entered the White house he was nicknamed the "schoolmaster in politics". He started in his school career in 1873, and despite two intervening sicknesses that caused him to drop out twice, he passed the Georgia bar as a attorney on 1882. Five year latter Wilson completed his Ph.D. in political science by writing the thesis Congressional Government. For five years after that he taught at both Byrn Mawr College and Wesleyan University. In addition he worked as the president of Princeton University and as a lecturer on politics. President Wilson remains the only president to earn a doctorate and the recipient of the many honorary degrees. .
             During his two terms in presidency he was very highly remembered for his strong idealism. One of the president famous quotes state that "Sometimes people call me an idealist. Well, that is the way I know I am an American. America, my fellow citizens-I do not say it in disparagement of any other great people-America is the only idealistic nation in the world." It is known that throughout history, only the people who are outspokenly idealistic in their views, and accomplish anything, are very brilliant. .
             President Wilson is shown time and time again to have an outstanding grip on what needs to be done to get what the nation needs. During his stint as the head of Princeton, Wilson's foresight led to the establishment of a liberal arts program there. This skill he kept with him through to the presidency, when he campaigned for the passage, and democratizing of, the treat of Versailles.
             For these amazing accomplishments in the field of Education and learning, I give President Woodrow Wilson a 10, for his established career as president. .
             President Woodrow Wilson's dedication can be said to be laking in several ways; he really was more of an idealist who used the power of the office of president to further his own personal ideas and beliefs.

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