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The Plague Of Existence

             The Plague by Camus is an interesting piece of work. It takes a deep look into the different reactions people have to hardships. This is profoundly important because the existentialist view presents the world as a tremendous difficulty that we all must somehow learn to overcome. According to Camus life is full of pointless repetition. It is a human tendency to try to gain knowledge, understand, predict, and control all that we encounter. We fear what we do not understand. The problem with this arises in the fact that the world is chaotic, random, irrational, and inexplicable. This results in absurdity because the world, everything that surrounds us, cannot give us the understanding that we desire. To Camus this is the truth of existence; a seemingly unsolvable paradox where the goal that we are most driven towards cannot be accomplished. This ultimate hurdle in life is what we must face and learn to overcome. This truth is the plague, and no one can escape it. .
             There are many reasons why the plague can be seen as analogous to life. It is not as much of a stretch as it may initially seem. Many see the plague as a metaphor for death. There are actually several parallels between life and death, and these correspond with the plague as well. The most basic aspects are in some of the general characteristics or qualities of each. The randomness of these is fairly apparent. No one is protected, there is no discrimination, everyone is ultimately the same. A similar characteristic is the fact that there is little to no ability to predict. People are born, die, and catch the plague with no warning. Just as there are those who wash the plague infected bodies and escape its wrath, there are those who catch it with no obvious exposure to it, and there are some who are conceived even when various forms of birth control are used, and those who die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Life, death, and the plague can strike or not without any hint of foreshadowing.

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