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Child Growth & Development Article Review

            The article I choose to review was titled Resilience in Preschoolers and Toddlers from Low-Income Families. In this article it discusses how children are capable of overcoming a rough childhood. Most children that were observed were children who grew up in poverty, or who were exposed to severe adversity or trauma. Gender and ethnicity affect the child's development as well. Harsh parenting is a factor that can lead to the inability of children to become resilient. Even children who are harshly treated can turn out to be a so called "normal" child. Studies say that all it takes is one person such as a teacher or doctor who treats them with care and makes them feel special to cause a positive change to occur. .
             I think that this article was interesting. It gives you an explanation including factors that affect a child while growing up. This article can be related to class because we spoke about the casual comparative studies and this is just that. It shows that the way you are brought up has effects on you for the rest of your life. I have seen many cases of resilience in children throughout my years of grade school. I learned that it only takes one person to change someone's life for the better. Having learned this from the article makes me want to become that type of teacher. A teacher that can change a child's life in a positive way and help the child to turn out to be a better person. .
             I could not agree more with the author of this article. All of the points he made were relevant and make logical sense. They show how important good parenting skills are.

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