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Marc Quinn "Self"

             The art movement, which Marc Quinn belongs to, is modern art. The piece Self is a very modern piece it was made in 1991.
             The first thing that strikes me about this piece is that it is unusual! The first thought that came into my head was how much blood did they use? And had anyone ever created anything like this before? When I gathered my research there was different opinions about the amount of blood used to create Marc Quinn's" "self", some authors said he had used 8 pints and others said 9 pints. His own blood (extracted over a five-month period) into a silicone model of his head then placed inside a refrigerated and transparent Perspex cube.
             According to some of the research Marc Quinn's sculptures perhaps more than any others have come to stand for wilful sensitivity to the body and mortality fostered by British art in the 90s. The literature believes Quinn has chosen to use his own body as a primary source, saying " the self is what one knows best and least at the same time, casting the body gives one the opportunity to see the "self." while Marc Quinn acknowledges that his work may be shocking, he does not consider himself to be a "shock artist"; instead, he is interested in unveiling a certain reality and using science as a means of facilitating a personal artistic statement. .
             Some art and design journalists believed Self is known throughout the art world as a powerful icon and when there is articles about Marc Quinn's work, it is often put in the forefront as a strong image. Marc Quinn states it is a great sculpture that gets people interested in his work, as it is a radical piece of art. .
             Marc Quinn has had a major influence on art as reading the research about marc Quinn it became obvious that he uses whatever materials it takes to create his ideas. Marc Quinn likes to use materials for their intrinsic and metamorphic content.
             Marc Quinn is not dominated by any particular art movement.

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