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Descriptive Paragraph

             You need not look any further than a warm and comfortable chair to enjoy a mild.
             breeze as you lie upon the tender white sand of a tropical beach some place far away. .
             Your mind starts the journey off with each sandal flopping loosely against your heel, .
             kicking up sand as you make your way to the perfect spot. Once settled conveniently .
             beside the calm and soothing waves, you pick up the distinguished scent of fish-filled .
             sea and realize the tide has cautiously made its way closer. While adjusting the darkly .
             tinted sunglasses resting lightly upon your face, a smooth sailing, lenient frisbee soars .
             adjacent your wind-tossed hair causing a weightless feeling as if the frisbee represented .
             the burdens of life quickly passing through, missing completely and never hitting you. .
             The almost nonexistent sound of seagulls may be scarcely heard over the harsh wind .
             above swaying palm trees like the pendulum of a grandfather clock. Listening more .
             intently, delicate ears may hear the soothing lyrics of Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville taking .
             you even deeper into the tropical theme set forth. After what seemed like days of eternal .
             happiness, a sticky, dry sensation draws thirsty eyes to a tall glass filled with crisp, cold .
             water. Glossed with beads of condensation, the beverage seems to satisfy the entire .
             body with its seducing sight, damp touch, and delicious icy taste flowing down your stale .
             throat. Long after catching a slight tan, effects of the beach and the suns warmth have .
             seemingly reached so far internally that venturing a trip to heaven could only keep one .
             content. As the radiant glow produced from the sun gradually disappears behind the .
             ocean's crystal surface, your body is returned to the desolate chair you so heavily slept .
             on. Vacationing to the beige, endless beach has just become a lot easier, you just have .
             to sense it.

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