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Traditional Authority

            In this essay I will be analyzing a political group I am currently involved in, and that group is my family. In my family we have a set of rules that are applied and enforced by my parents. This type of authority, also known as Legitimacy, is called Traditional Authority. Traditional Authority is a person or persons that are placed into a position of leadership usually by age. For example, some villages have a person that is leader of the whole village and it is usually the village elder. In my case my parents had my brother and me, that was when they became in charge because they"re my parents and I have a moral obligation to them. .
             While my parents are in charge they take care of my brother and me by providing shelter, food, discipline, etc. They also make up the rules and enforce them. The problem with that is my parents could abuse their power. For example, they could make my brother and me do everything from mowing the lawn to painting the house while they sit on their butt all day and do nothing. There are strong points about this type of authority. My parents don't abuse there power and use it in a good way where we help each other out around the house and have equal jobs to get things done fast. In other words we are always there for each other and help each other out whenever we need it. We work together as a family because we have order and control. There are advantages for my brother and me when we obey my parents authority and that is when we do what we are told we get privileges like going out with friends on weekends or by getting allowance. The weak point in the Traditional Authority at my house is my brother and me have to obey the rules that my parents set for us. They make the rules for us because they care and they don't want us to get hurt or be lazy. But they do make the rules far and they treat my brother and me fairly with the rules. The weak points that we have are so minor I can't really remember them.

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