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Transportation & Technology

            How has technology transformed transportation?.
             Over the years technology has made significant differences which effect today's transportation. Technological development has affected the speed, tracking, communication, efficiency, and effectiveness of all modes of transportation. .
             With the increasing use of computers, technology has made an increasing change to the speed of transportation. With the development of the EazyPass and MetroCard travelers have the advantage of waiting to get to toll booths. The EazyPass speeds up traffic which speeds up delivery times and improves efficiency. That is, time is not wasted waiting at toll booths rather it is used efficiently. The MetroCard provides a similar advantage in that subway and bus passengers avoid waiting on line to purchase tokens. It is also an advantage in that the passengers do not need to carry around heavy coin tokens. Thus, the process of traveling is faster, more convenient, and efficient. .
             The development of the UPC barcodes has also transformed transportation in various ways. The bar codes are widely used for tracking not only packages as well ship containers, and documents. The UPC barcodes are widely used by freight forwarders. Each package can be easily tracked and located by the UPC code. Each shipment can be tracked online and located by both the shipper and the receiver by the "tracking number." Cargo companies use the same system in tracking their load containers, trucks, etc. .
             Communication system developments have made significant changes to today's transportation. With the introduction of the cellular phones and satellite communication, forwarders such as UPS are able to provide real time tracking information about packages. Each driver, pilot, etc. is equipped with a cellular phone in order to provide delivery information to its customers. Radio frequency technology or (Automatic Equipment Identification) is yet another way of communicating with forwarders.

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