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Leading Computer Industry Companies

             Dell, IBM, and Gateway are known top-leading computer manufactures in their industry. These companies have revolutionized the way consumers, business, schools, hospitals, government and many other organizations buy technological pieces of equipment. Consumers can buy anything from home PC desktops, to extra storage space, laptops, accessories for computers, and handheld personal computer. The ability to buy a computer is effortlessly facilitated for consumers. The process is to choose specific elements for your needs, differentiate configurations between manufacturers, and compare price differences.
             The ideal computer for me is a computer that enables me to do homework using Microsoft software, view photo albums, and lets me navigate throughout the network; therefore, a customized desktop would be the right choice. The Intel Pentium 4 is the most powerful processor available in the market today. This feature is vital since speed is the key to getting tasks accomplished quicker. Another crucial element needed is the memory having 256MB is a sufficient amount of room to store data. Thirdly, the hard drive needs at least 30+ gigabytes in order to store enough data and information. The final element would be to have a good warranty; the longer a manufacturer is going to support its product, the better us, as customers will feel when buying the product. These elements are the most crucial parts of a computer; however, you can choose to customize your PC by adding gadgets such as a DVD player, burners, wireless keyboards, wireless and optical mousse, monitors, LCD flat panels within others.
             Listed below are the details of the 3 different computers I customized for my self. First, the Dell Dimension 2400 with a Pentium 4 Processor that includes 400MHz is able to perform every day computer functions with ease including productivity applications, email and entertainment.

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