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Chesapeake Bay Colonies

            Development of the Chesapeake Bay and Massachusetts Bay Colonies.
             In the period just before the American War for Independence, the colonies of North America where controlled by the British empire. Before the expansion of the great British Empire the colonies of North America where controlled by many different European cultures. The colonies of the Chesapeake Bay and New England (Massachusetts) Bay where two of the greatest colonies of North America. The two colonies where different in their settlement, geography, leaders, religion, agriculture. This caused the colonies to have demographic and economic changes, making them develop in separate ways.
             The Chesapeake Bay colony consisted of the future colonies of Virginia, North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. This colony had a tougher time developing due to geographic location, first settlers had a tougher time surviving the elements compared to the Massachusetts Bay colony. This caused migrants to settle the Northern colonies more rather then the Chesapeake colonies. A main crop developed in these areas was tobacco, it was the main manufacturing product. The area exported it to Britain for manufactured goods. The culture that prospered in these coastal areas where Christians, who escaped England and the Protestant Reformation. They lived freely, and was only faithful in a growing agriculture. The Chesapeake colonies relied on plantations and the use of slavery. This area never attracted the intellectual families of the time. When the expectancy rate was lower then the Massachusetts Bay Colony, it seemed all the land was good for was agriculture and small communities.
             The Massachusetts Bay Colony consisted of present day Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Delaware. These areas where found to be more inhabitable. These areas found greater population growth. This area focused on manufacturing and agriculture rather then just agricultural like in the Chesapeake colony.

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