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The Mandatory Usage Of Seatbelts

             *Reasons not to Wear a Seatbelt- Page 6.
             Laws should be passed in all states that require all automotive vehicles to wear seatbelts. Because of the fact that the United States has one of the lowest seatbelt usage percentages, the United States has one of the highest death tolls in automobile accidents. Yet since 1983, the wearing of seatbelts has reduced deaths by an approximate 50,000 people (www.thinkseatbelts.com). .
             There has always been the argument of whether or not seat belts should be required to wear. There are still to this day, many people that say, "The seat belt can't save my life", or "I"m only driving for less than 5 minutes". Those are indeed some people's opinions, but the fact is that those five minutes could cost you your life. Although there would always be those who are against seat belts, it is for the good of the society that they should be required. .
             The history of seat belts go all the way back to the early 1900's. At this time in history, there were very few cars that vehicles could collide with, so the use of seatbelts was mostly used to keep people inside the cars during a bumpy ride. Seatbelts were then also installed into racecars and airplanes in the 1920's. Once the 1930's came around, there were many U.S. physicians that created their own lap belts in their vehicles, and tried to convince auto manufactures to provide them in all of the new cars (http://www.preventioninstitute.org/).
             In 1950, NASH formed the first factory-installed seatbelt. (www.prevention ) But perhaps the biggest influence to seat belts has been the Society of Automotive Engineers, or otherwise known as the "SAE". They appointed a safety belt committee in 1955. In 1961, the SAE issued a standard for seat belts in the United States. In the mid 1960's, it was estimated that over 50,000 people were killed in crashes. The auto industry was afraid that if the auto manufacturers were concerned about safety, it would scare the public, and therefore, lower their sales.

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