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Seat Belts

             Numerous lives could be saved if people would make the choice to wear seat belts. What happens during a traffic accident? During the moment of impact, the people inside of the car are still traveling at the cars original speed. The car then suddenly comes to a halt and the people wearing seat belts stop with the car but the people not wearing seat belts keep moving forward until they hit the steering wheel, the windshield, or they get completely thrown out of the car. .
             I think that everyone over the age of sixteen should wear seatbelts but should not be required to wear them by law. I also think that there should be child restraint laws. I think that people over the age sixteen are old enough to make the decision for themselves. I believe seat belt laws infringe on personal freedom. Choosing to use or not to use a seat belt should be the individual's decision. .
             Those who are unable to make these choices for themselves should be required to wear the "safety"equipment and the people in charge of their care must certainly be held responsible if they are not properly secure, those who are able to make these decisions for themselves should be allowed to do so (shedoni). .
             New Hampshire is the only state without seat belt laws. Most states have mandatory seat belt laws for only the front seats but some states do have it in both front and rear seats. There are 21 states that have primary laws and the rest of the states, except New Hampshire, have secondary laws. Nebraska has a secondary law for wearing seatbelts. It was made a mandatory law in 1993 (highwaysafety.org). A secondary law means that any person can be cited for a violation only if stopped and ticketed for a separate violation. A primary law means that any person can be stopped and ticketed solely for that violation (www.nsp.state.ne.us).
             All 50 states have child restraint laws. In July of 2002, a new law was made so that a driver can be stopped and ticketed if a child under the age of six was not restrained (G.

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