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Creating the Intelligent Vehicle

            Intelligence can be described as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. So one may ask is how to apply this definition to automobiles. Unfortunately, there isn't one particular definition that will sum this all up but rather the sum of its parts to show it. It can be agreed upon that as time goes on, technological advances are allowing for a more efficient and healthier way of living and automobiles are no exception to this. Throughout time, many advances in car safety and technology have allowed occupants to travel safer and more efficient like never before. The creation of the airbag is only one of the many innovations that have led to this. An airbag is basically a folded piece of fabric hidden away in strategic areas of the vehicle, most commonly the steering wheel and passenger-side dashboard. When in an accident, sensors around the car tell the car itself that it has been hit and to deploy these hidden airbags. That process takes a matter of milli-seconds because the airbag has to deploy to absorb the energy of the occupant being thrown forward (most common).
             Airbags do not stop there though. Most newer cars being produced now have other strategic areas for airbags such as "side curtain" and seat belt air bags. Side curtain airbags are exactly what they sound like. When hit from the side or an angle, a curtain of fabric is deployed starting from the forward most part of the front door, to the rear most section of the rear door along the top inner frame of the vehicle. Seat belt airbags are of the same concept but are located on the seat belt them. In addition to cars being able to detect when being hit to protects its occupants, most cars also come with an autodialing feature to call 911 when in an accident. Some forms of this are Onstar from General Motors and BMW assist. These autodialing features don't stop there. Occupants can also utilize this same feature to get turn by turn directions to a location, call someone while your phone remains wireless and even find local attractions in respect to your current location.

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