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Last July 15, 2002 the Sangguniang Kabataan election was held together with the Barangay election. Compared with the actual number of youth in Barangay Maybunga, Pasig City only a few came to have their names registered to make them eligible in voting. When the Election Day came, even fewer youth came to cast their votes.

The situation above clearly shows the wining participation of the youth sector on such important matter as voting the leaders that will represent them in the local government unit. This situation is not only evident in Barangay Maybunga but is also reflective of the attitudes of the youth towards exercising their power of choosing their leaders in the Philippines.

There are two ways in which this behavior maybe explained. First is the lack of publicity about the registration period that is going on so when election time comes, many of those who want to participate cannot do so.

The other one is the lack of information dissemination on the importance of participating in the election among the youth sector. Many of the youth do not even bother to register because they believe that they could get noth

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