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The Pressures Of Being A Student

            After graduation from high school, some students want to get a job for their living while most students want to enter a graduate school. Being a student is difficult. Most of students want to get out of the difficulties. Especially being a student in university is a serious thing to do. You have to know, how to control yourself from temptations and other pressures that you will go through. Generally, the pressures being a student in university are a financial problem, a lot of works to do, and a rules.
             The first, a financial problem can be pressure on the students. Students can’t earn money during the years they are studying. Sometime, it is not enough to live. Parents have to pay a lot for their children’s study, but not everybody can do it. They need a supporting from others.Thus, some students have to do a part-time job. They have no time much to do their homework and spent a lot of their time in class as their exhausting from work. It is hardly to balance their time between study and work.
             The second, a lot of works will be a pressure on the students. Being a university student means having a lot of works to do. It was very hard and discouraging because of the assignments. Let’s think is that the teacher gave us assignments to do without thinking that we need to rest, relax and take time to do other things. Sometime, it make me boring and I feel like a many assignments on my head all the time. I always have a hard time every weekend with my works. There are the exams too, apart of my homework, you have to prepare your exams and it rouse your stress and you become tired.
             The last pressure is rule. Have you ever resisted the rule ? There are many rules of being a university student. For example, a regulation , a behaviour and a uniform. Some students don’t like a strict rule. They need a freedom to do anything and don’t want a reprobation from teachers.