Shrek-Not a Typical Childrens Film

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Shrek- Not a Typical Children's Film

An animated fairytale containing an assortment of personified animals and a lovable ogre appears to be setting the stage for a typical children's movie. This is not the case with Dreamwork's production of Shrek. Based on a children's book by William Steig, Shrek caters more to the child at heart. Shrek, the movie's main character, is on a quest to save a Princess and regain his swamp. With his sidekick Donkey, a talkative ass, Shrek leads viewers on an adventure revealing enough adult content and sexual innuendos, set to an adult contemporary soundtrack, to make it hard to remember that it is only a PG movie.

The quest is initiated when the evil Lord Farquaad is told that the only way he is capable of becoming a King is to marry a princess. The magic mirror presents him with his choice of fair maidens. This is done with an allusion to the Dating Game, a game show made popular with

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