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English Language Essay

            Sometimes you hear people speaking the English Language or so do you, but have you ever asked yourself what is it’s origin? .
             English is a Germanic language and it comes from the Indo European family. This language started in the fifth century AD. There were three Germanic Tribes from which the English Language arise. This three tribes were Angles, Saxons and Jutes. The Jutes crossed the North Sea, which is now known as northern Germany and Denmark. Britain’s population spoke a Celtic language but it didn’t last too long. Most of the people that spoke the Celtic Language were translated to Scotland, Wales and Cornwall. One of the three tribes still speak Breton, a Celtic Language, because they went over and migrate the Brittany coast in France. The Angles, one of the other group members of the Germanic Tribes were named after Engle, which was the land they had come from. The language they spoke was Englisc and from there came the word English.
             For some people it is difficult to learn English and there are some historical reasons for them. Grammar is one of the biggest and most common difficulties in the English language. The reason for this is because the spelling was fixed in the 1500’s and the pronunciation has changed but spelling has remained the same. In the 16th century the English language changed to Modern English because the “th” was now replaced by the “s”. English is a foreign language, so this may increase the difficulty of one person to learn spelling/grammar. For example the French and the German language are two of the languages that make English a foreign language. .
             There are many advantages of learning English. One of the most important advantages is that it is the second most spoken language in the world. There are about three hundred million people that use English as their first language. Other three hundred million people use it as their second language and one hundred million people use it as a foreign language.