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Enders Game

            Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card is a science fiction novel about a young intellectual genius. Ender’s Game is set in the future when a war brakes out between the humans and an alien race known on earth as buggers. All of humanity has united to fight for their freedom and right to exist in the universe. Intelligent children around the globe are being taken from their homes and training in the battle arts. The novel follows the archetypal hero, Ender Wiggin, as he evolves from an initiate, copes through his early separations, and finally goes through transformations to accomplish his quest. .
             In the beginning of Card’s novel, a great separation is set upon the shoulders of an initiate archetypal hero. Ender Wiggin is only six years of age when he his taken from his home and family and brought to a battle school in space. His military training is supposed to prepare him to be the equivalent of Mazer Rackham. He is the skillful commander who led the human army to victory against early attacks of the buggers. Colonel Hyrum Graff, the school’s principal, came to Ender’s house and manipulated, but did not force, him to come join and stay in the army until his eighteenth year, at which point he could return to Earth for a visit. Ender, feeling obligated, accepted Graff’s proposal and was immediately taken from his life and family to go to school.
             Over the course of a few years, young Ender Wiggin is put through a series of vigorous training sessions and challenges. Graff creates an environment in which Ender is isolated from his peers in order to create tougher situations to test his intelligence, willpower, and leadership ability. He is exposed to a variety of extraneous battles over short time spans, and is pushed to his full potential as both a soldier and commander, but Ender never gave in to the strenuous and demanding tasks set in front of him.