Brave New World

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With the publication of "Brave new world  in 1932,Aldous Huxley established a new

form of the science genre in literature. This book conceptualizes a new way of living,

a world in which people do not have a destiny of their own. The viviparous days are

gone and every person created has a destiny chosen by another human. Each is

artificially created, being trained to fit a caste.

Huxley shows even from the beginning of the book the absence of light, colors and

movement:  with a pale corpse-colored rubber , "The light was frozen, dead, a

ghost ¦ "page 1. In this world, technology is worshipped, replacing God.

The first few pages present the laboratory where the D.H.C. shows to a group of

young students the system that produces people. While showing them important

parts of the laboratory, the D.H.C. explains the complex processes that lead to

forming people. He is proud to say that by using the Bokanovsky process, ninety-six

identical human beings will grow where only one grew before. It becomes

obsessively in the first chapter the fact that the students were "desperately

scribbling , " straight from the horseâ

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