Moving Around

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Almost at the end of my sophomore year, we moved to Chicago, Illinois. This wasn't my first move by far. My family and I have moved almost every year since fourth grade. We have lived in London, India and we are currently residing in Chicago.

In the middle of fourth grade we decided to move to London, United Kingdom as my dad was deputed by Government of India for a research project. I did not take kindly to the fact that I would be leaving Delhi, the only place I had known as home. Much to my chagrin, we moved, and so the journey began for a frightened kid leading to the unknown.

We stayed a year or so in London and it wasn't as bad as I had expected. Acculturation was easy but perhaps that was due to the innocence of a small child. The world was just black and white to me. Making friends and adjusting to a new place is a breeze when you are a kid but relatively much harder as you get older.

Four years of my childhood, since fourth grade was spent in London, although we had returned briefly to Gujarat in India for a year. That again was a new experience altogether. I had grown up in Delhi and had never realized that there could be so much of a cultural difference between two places in the same country. Adjusting

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