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To Clone Or Not To Clone? A Look at Biotechnology

            There is a constant debate of whether or not we should take cloning to the next step and create human life. I do not believe in man forming life but I do believe that fact wise it will do more good then bad. The cloning of animals such as cows and sheep has already been successful but the government of the United Sates did not approve of the idea. George W. Bush has said that he would do everything in his power to prevent and ban human cloning. Cloning is not a horrible science experiment, but more of a monumental scientific development.
             Like anything else developed by man, cloning can be used for good or evil. Dynamite was invented to help build railroads, but some use it to blow up their enemies. Knives are used everyday to save lives as well as harm or take them. No matter what it is there are always going to be good and bad uses for it. .
             Cloning of human beings could be beneficial to the human race, since many couples are incapable of having children due to genetic complications. It can also be used for immoral purposes which brings me to my main concern about cloning that arises from the time lag between its availability for use and the formation of moral/ethical standards by which its use will be guided. Society usually doesn't take biblical standards into consideration which gives me reason for concern. .
             God has granted his creatures their part in physical procreation, but He alone creates the spirit of a human being. No matter how we bring a child into this world, God, at or near the moment of conception, places a spirit in the body. This is the problem with abortion, we are killing such a marvelous work of art, destroying one of God's beautiful creations. .
             To "develop a master race" or to produce organs for transplant purposes are two other issues that cause me a great deal of concern. There are clear biblical mandates against such ridiculous uses of cloning. Furthermore, cloning animals for medicines, organs, and body parts to benefit ill or injured humans is a whole different story.