My Favorite Place

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For some people visiting places of significance can be the catalyst for changing one's outlook on life, recharging one's emotional battery, or growing closer to one's family member or friend. These special places could have characteristics such as beauty, sentiment, or some connection to the individual that causes them to constantly long to be there. It could be a place that has a special significance in the life of an individual, or it could be a random place that the person visited and left feeling as though there was an improvement of the inner self. Often, when a connection of this type is made, it is related to an individual reflecting on happy family times such as vacations or trips that were taken with close friends or significant others.

For me such a place exists in Beaufort, North Carolina. I once visited Beaufort when I was young with my grandfather, which is the last strong memory that I have of him. I was about twelve years old when we went to visit that beautiful area of the country. Beaufort is o

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